Venue and Travel


Workshop venue

The talks of the first day (01.06.2012) will take place in building 16.61 called “O.A.S.E.” on the campus of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf. From Schloss Mickeln you can reach O.A.S.E. via bus 835 (Direction “Comeniusplatz”) to the bus stop “Uni West”. On the right side you find a campus map with all important locations. The venue of the second day (02.06.2012) will be the Blue Salon of “Schloss Mickeln”.  How to get to Schloss Mickeln see:

Conference Venue on 01.06 (Friday)

Buliding 16.61, Ground Floor         
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf                
Universitätsstr. 1                                
40225 Düsseldorf

Conference Venue on 02.06 (Saturday)

Schloss Mickeln 
Blauer Salon
Alt Himmelgeist 25 
40589 Düsseldorf

Getting to Duesseldorf

You can easily get to Duesseldorf by plane, train or car. For your convenience, we have listed all the websites you need to plan your yourney:

 By plane

Duesseldorf Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe, so there are lots of international connections. From the airport you may take a train (lines S1, S7, RE1, RE3, RE5, RE6, RE11, RB35) to Duesseldorf main station ("Duesseldorf Hauptbahnhof"). Depending on the train, it takes 5 to 15 minutes to get to the main station. From there, you may take the tram line 707 or the underground U79 to "Universität-Ost/Botanischer Garten". Please exit at the final stop and follow the signs to the venue. 

For details on connections from Duesseldorf Airport visit the local transportation website (Rheinbahn). Note that Duesseldorf Airport has two train stations. One is called "Duesseldorf Flughafen Bahnhof" (this is where all lines except S7 depart) and one is called "Düsseldorf Flughafen Terminal" (this is where line S7 departs).

By train

Duesseldorf main station ("Duesseldorf Hauptbahnhof") is connected to all major international railroad tracks in Europe. To book tickets, please visit the German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) website. From the main station, you may take the tram line 707 to "Universität-Ost/Botanischer Garten". Please exit at the final stop and follow the signs to the venue. 

For details on connections from Duesseldorf main station visit the local transportation website (Rheinbahn).

By car

If you like to go to Duesseldorf by car, it's easiest to use a router planner like Google Maps or Falk. The address of the University is "Universitätsstr. 1, 40225 Düsseldorf".

Ticket prices

The fare zone for public transportation trips within Duesseldorf is "A". This applies to trams, subways, local trains and buses. A single-trip ticket in this zone costs 2.30 EUR while a 4-trip tickets costs 8.40 EUR. Day tickets (unlimited travel from 3am to 3am) cost 5.50 EUR and group tickets (unlimited travel from 3am to 3am for up to 5 persons) cost 12.20 EUR. 

Tickets can be purchased at ticket vending machines (look out for the "VRR" logo), from bus drivers (not all ticket types!) or at the Rheinbahn Service Center in front of the main station (exit "Konrad-Adenauer-Platz"). 

Please remember to stamp your ticket before starting your journey. Day and group tickets must only be stamped once. Stamping machines are located in all trams, subways and buses and on the platforms and the ramps leading up to the platforms. Tickets purchased from drivers are already stamped. A taxi trip from the city center to the venue will cost about 20 EUR. 

For more information, visit the website of the Rheinbahn (local transportation).






Campus Plan

Schloss Mickeln