SMCLC 2011

Poster Session

There will be a 90 minute moderated Poster Session on 02 December 2011 from 5pm to 6.30pm. The Poster Session is designed to permit the author(s) to explain and illustrate concepts and techniques on research findings in a simple graphic manner and to discuss them with other participants (Poster format A1/594 x 841mm).

The Poster Session will be thematically structured, and include the possibility of an individual two minute presentation at podium (one PowerPointSlide).

The Poster Session will be the only event at this particular time and take place in the same room as the talks.



In order to facilitate the scientific exchange between the different disciplines presented at this conference a "Bulletin-board" will be available.

The "Bulletin-board" can be consulted during lunch (1pm-2.30pm) or coffee breaks (10.30am-11am & 4.30pm-5pm) in order to get an overview about the research interests of the participants.

The "Bulletin-board" is open for all participants (with or without talk/poster). 

There are no restrictions concerning the format, but the "flyers" should indicate photo, name, affiliation and research interests of the participant.