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Dipl.-Math. Tanja Osswald, MSc (Ms)

Email tosswaldphil.uni-duesseldorfde


Linguistics (computational linguistics), Philosophy

SToRE membership

SToRE member since 21 Aug 2012

1. advisor: Prof. Dr. Wiebke Petersen

2. advisor: Prof. Dr. Gottfried Vosgerau

3. advisor: Dr. Thomas Gamerschlag


  • Petersen, W. and Osswald, T. (2014). Concept Composition in Frames - Focusing on Genitive Constructions. In T., Gamerschlag, Gerland, D., Osswald, R., and Petersen, W., editors, Frames and Concept Types: Applications in Language and Philosophy, volume 94 of Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy, Dodrecht, NL. Springer.
  • Petersen, W. and Osswald, T. (2012). A Formal Interpretation of Concept Types and Type Shifts. In Kosecki, K. and Badio, J., editors, Cognitive Processes in Language, volume 25 of Lódz Studies in Language, pages 183-191, Frankfurt. Peter Lang
  • Horn, Ch., Schulz, D. and Osswald, T. (2011). A formal representation of concept composition, Proceeding of ITHEA IJ
  • Müller / Hötte: "Towards an epistemic logic of concepts", in H. Schärfe, P. Hitzler und P. Øhrstrøm (Hg.), Conceptual Structures: Inspiration and Application, Heidelberg: Springer (Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4068) 2006, S. 274-285.

Conference presentations (5 most important)

  1. Towards a category of frames, 3rd International Conference on Concept Types and Frames, Düsseldorf, 2011
  2. A formal interpretation of concept types and type shifts, CogLang 2010; Lodz 2010, together with Wiebke Petersen
  3. A Formal Interpretation of Frame Composition, 6th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication; Riga 2010, together with Wiebke Petersen
  4. Concept composition in Frames, 2nd International Conference on Concept Types and Frames, Düsseldorf, 2009, together with Wiebke Petersen
  5. Formalizing Fregean Concepts, CLIN 2014 : 24th Meeting of Computational Linguistics in The Netherlands

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