CTF 2012

Conference Topics


noun types and determination
- definiteness and indefiniteness
- possession
- usage
- processing
- grammaticalization
conceptual shifts of noun meanings
- shifts and coercion
- diachronic shifts
decompositional frames for verbs and the syntax-semantics interface
- verb classes in terms of frame types
- verbal concepts and linking
- construction-based decomposition of verb meanings
- aspectual composition
decompositional frames for nouns
frame analysis of legal terms
- affordance attributes in noun frames and qualia
syntactic and semantic composition
- nominal concept types in the theory of semantic composition
- semantic composition in terms of frames
- syntax-driven frame composition
frames in the semantics of word-formation
- nominal compounding as frame combination
- deverbal nouns as the result of frame transformation
frames in discourse
- frames and associative anaphora
- the role of frames in discourse coherence


- emergence of the modern frame notion of concepts
- architecture of the mind
- the role of function in object categorization
frame analysis in institutional categorization
- frames and paradigm shifts
- frame analysis of legal concepts
- frame analysis of psychiatric disorders
- frame analysis in other scientific fields
concept types and frames in ontology
- attributes in ontology
- relations and functions in ontology
- formal approaches to ontology using functional relations


embodiment of concepts
- emergence of the modern frame notion of concepts
- grounding of verb meanings in the sensory-motor system
- affordances and the grounding of noun meanings in the sensory-motor system
- common coding and simulation
- frames and conceptual processing
types of concepts
- empirical evidence for different kinds of concepts
- cognitive representation of dynamic concepts, in particular verb meanings
- frames and conceptual processing
- neural correlates of attributes and frames
- computational modelling of concept formation


elements of frame theory
- modelling the dynamics of verb meanings
- modelling general operations on frames
- modelling frame composition
frame-related spaces
mathematical properties of value spaces
- mathematical properties of attribute spaces
- mathematical properties of frame spaces
large frame systems
design and implementation